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Hot Dogs

Our Story

Yummy Dogs was founded by a father and daughter team in 2022. Mitch being from New York where hot dogs are readily available on every street corner was looking for a good place to get a hot dog in Laguna Beach. He searched all over to find there is no such thing. He investigated doing a hot dog cart on the street but quickly found out that would not be possible. He then looked to his daughter, who has two school age children, for advice and she thought of the idea to combine the gourmet hot dog “cart” and add an arcade for adults and kids alike for family-friendly fun. This is where Yummy Dogs was born. 

Yummy Dogs provides gourmet hot dogs, soft pretzels, nachos and other grab-and-go snacks for an inexpensive alternative to most Laguna Beach restaurants. We combine that with retro-style gaming for adults and new-style gaming for kids including basketball, virtual reality roller coaster, crane-style prize games, and much more. It’s a great place to stay and play or grab and go and head to the beach. 

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